"The Clawhammer" is a ukulele envisioned by Dusty Elmer. Dusty approached me asking if I ever considerd building a ukulele with a short drone 5th string like a banjo.  I had not, but I hadn't enough sense not to try.  This instrument should not be confused with a standard banjo ukulele which is basically a 4-string pot ukulele. Nor should it be confused for a more typical 5-string ukulele having a doubled 5th string tuned to G an octave apart.

The Clawhammer has a 5th string tunneled at the 5th fret allowing for banjo and ukulele hybrid tunings such as cGCEG (banjo gDGBD) or a double C tuning cFCFG.  Just think a banjo 5-frets higher.