Bench Shot

Notionmade Furniture is a one-man shop handcrafting furniture, musical instruments, and sometimes items with no apparent purpose. Items often incorporate salvaged items and materials.  Projects develop from a feeling roused from the material or notion to try a design. I must admit that most projects are a whim. Seldom is a commission accepted, but ingenious suggestions are always considered.

Why handcraft? For that matter, why buy a handcraft? The answer is not simple like the question. Each of us has our own need or reason for handcraft.  To some it is a mark of quality or that it was crafted with care. Some do it to support the craftsman or local community. Some feel that they are sharing in a story or they have a connection.  While others are appreciative of how it is made.

Often it is just because.

My frequent use of salvaged materials and items is not arising from sentimentality or romanticism for trendy culture. Many would categorize it as upcycling or repurposing or other hip vernacular. In reality, I incorporate these materials because they are useful, it is practical, and I find them pleasing. If you meet me, you will know it is not about being hip.